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About Us:

Best Out Media, based in Greenville, Mississippi, is a dynamic marketing and promoting group specializing in diverse performing arts events, family-style entertainment, and workshops. Led by CEO Gerald P. Smith Jr., we've earned recognition for quality entertainment, including a proclamation from the mayor of Monroe, Louisiana.


Our mission is clear: to excel in live performances, artist management, and world-class events. Focused on inspiring audiences, shaping cultures, and fostering unity through the transformative power of the performing arts, we target audiences aged 10 to 50.

As a growing entertainment company, our goal is to capture mass media attention. We strategically target platforms, particularly in the southeast and southwest regions, to reach a broad audience.

Our vision is rooted in excellence, innovation, and integrity. Specializing in live performances, artist management, and events, we believe in the power of the performing arts to transform lives, shape cultures, and bring people together. Connect with Best Out Media today to elevate your artistic aspirations.


Elevate performing arts through excellence, unity, and inspiration. 


Lead with excellence, innovation, and integrity. Transform lives through captivating performances.

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